Bowling Machine Bola

Vary the speed of the delivery, swing and with an automatic ball feeder you can practise by yourself.  Ask our staff if you need help in setting it up and we will help.

Large Area for Clubs

With retractable nets you can have your club members discuss training tips without interruption to the practise sessions.

Specialised Equipment

With a camera and 10 second replay on Lane 1  you can look a the stroke you have just played and improve it.  The bowling machine allows the use of real cricket balls with speed and swing can be varied as well.


Function/Conference Room

We have a large toom situated behind the upstairs viewing area that can be configured into a class room style of
used as a meeting room for clubs to discuss preseason or even a space for an AGM.

Group Coaching

With coaching staff and facilities we can tailor a program to meet the requirements the individual or groups.  We reqular run programs for a variety of age groups as well.


Topline Cricket is the original cricket training facility in Melbourne’s outer east. Our premium facilities have been servicing players and clubs for over a decade.

We have nine indoor lanes available for use by you and your mates, all year round. Six feature long run-ups while two are shorter and normally house bowling machines, but these can be removed to allow for maximum training participation. Topline is the home of pre-season, wet weather, and general-purpose club training sessions. Our retractable nets are ideal for group clinics, creating a large space for a variety of activities.

We have other large spaces set aside for putting bags down and padding up, along with an upstairs viewing area – the perfect place to sit and watch your child train.

Behind this viewing area is ‘Not Quite The Long Room’; a classroom-sized space which is perfect for AGMs, presentations, pre-session rev-ups, and any other cricket meetings. ‘Not Quite The Long Room’ is even available for corporate events and group fitness sessions. 


2 x Bola Machines with AutoFeeder (Lanes 2 and 3)


One Crick Attack '3- Wheeler' on Lane 1


Bowling Machines can be added onto Lanes 8 and 9


1 x BOLA Junior Machine (auto-feeder)


Topline has 9 cricket lanes, function room with projector, full retail cricket shop, male, female, and special access restrooms, along with ample parking. Drinks, snacks, and coffee are available for purchase in our fully stocked cricket shop.


Function Room

A large open room that can be setup as a class room using our projector and large screen.  It can be configured into a round table conference room as well


Wether the it is rain, hail or shine our Nets are available.  Call us is you wish to book a lane or a coach.


Retail Shop

We have a well stocked retail outlet that looks after all your cricketing needs from bats, balls, protective gear to clothing and shoers

Coffee and Tea Facilities

We have a kitchen and that offer coffee and tea making facilities operating on a honour system with a sandwich grill and microwave available


Went in to buy a whole set for cricket, pads, gloves, bat, helmet etc. the service was friendly and thorough. They provided me with multiple options and gave me a great deal to stick to my budget.

Couldn’t recommend enough..”

Dylann Andrew

3 years ago
Topline is hands down the best cricket shop and training centre in South East Melbourne. The products they sell are top quality from the best brands, and allow you to test out the bats, if you want to buy one, for the most optimal experience. This would never be something that a shop like rebel would allow. Their facilities are very good as well. They have about 4 open nets for you and your mates to train, and have some machines to improve your batting. With Bola machines and two JUGS bowling machines, they are the best for you to improve your batting. The staff is very friendly, and they offer personalised training for a good price.
I love topline and I will go there for all of my cricketing needs.

Liam Ryan

An excellent specialist cricket venue. With 8 lanes ,it’s perfect for wet day’s/night’s. Developing skills with excellent coaching.
All staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
The shop is also stocked with quality equipment that’s reasonably priced.

I recommend.

deane rule


Bowlilng Coach

Local and International coaches provide tips and technique corrections to improve batting performance.


Batting Coach

Local and International coaches provide tips and technique corrections to improve batting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a lane over the phone ?

After additional practise time call us on the phone and we can arrange a booking of one of our lanes  to be available for you.  

How many people can use the lane in a single booking ?

Our bookings are tailored to 4 people using a lane at any one time

What is the cost of a casual booking ?

During the off season the cost of hiring a lane is $20 per hour for 4 people and $25 per hour with a bowling machine.  Call us to discuss availability of a lane and the time to suit. During preseason which runs from August 1st until March 31st the cost is $25 per hour for a lane and $35 with a bowling machine whilst the half hourly rates are $15 and $20 respectively.

Can I book a coach in conjunction with a Lane ?

We have variety of coaches available for bookings.  They can be booked on a regular basis with a lane.  The normal price is $45 per half hour period but the price may vary according to the expertise of the coach and the program that they are running.

What Special training equipment is available ?

On Lane 8 we have cameras set up that play back your cricket action with a 10 second delay allowing you to review your stroke or bowling action and make a correction based on your coaching advise.

What is the cost of individual coaching ?

This is dependent on the level of the coaching required and can be discussed directly with Topline Staff.