Bat Repairs

The cricket bat is the most important object in any player’s kitbag. At Topline, we pride ourselves on offering you the ultimate experience when it comes to purchasing a cricket bat. We have a broad selection of brands and models to choose from, and we will always take the time to explain the differences of each bat, and inform you of the ins and outs of the art and science of cricket bats.

Our ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ Service

Unlike other retailers, we offer a ‘try-before-you-buy’ service using tennis balls, which takes the guesswork out of choosing a bat that best truly suits you.

While tennis balls will obviously not ping off like a real cricket ball, the idea is for you to be to test out the weight, ‘pick-up’, and balance of a bat. You will be swinging the bat instinctively, getting a sense of timing and of how the bat feels in your hands.

Bat Preparation & Repairs

Once you’ve found ‘the one’, you can then optionally have it prepared by us, saving you hours of knocking-in. If the time has come for an upgrade, come and see us at Topline!

Here, we love cricket bats. We know that a lot of bats are special. They’ve been by your side for many seasons and have tormented a great deal of bowlers. After helping you find the fence for many a year, your bat might be a little tired, or maybe worse! If your favourite has copped one-too-many yorkers, gone at the handle, or been chewed by the dog; don’t stress! You need not necessarily buy a brand new stick. First, bring your bat in and have it checked out by our experts here at Topline. We offer a wide range of on-site cricket bat repair services, including:

  • Oiling
  • Knocking-in
  • Boning edges
  • Sanding back
  • Removing and replacing Extratec sheets
  • Handle replacement
  • Weight reduction
  • Fixing minor and major cracks and other damage
  • Binding
  • Toe guards, and much more!


Topline has a wide selection of bat grips available for purchase, and we are happy to apply these to your bat, or fix up your existing grip, free of charge.