New Balance TC1060 Bat


  • Handle/Spec Shape: 6 Piece Singapore Cane/ Semi Oval (34/40)
  • Grip: Red/White/Black
  • Toe Guard: Black
  • Profile/ Shape: Low Swell. Large Edges close to 40cm and Sweet Spot
  • Spine Height: High maximizing hitting power of center cricket bat.
  • Face: Semi-Flat – Latest trend in cricket bats to add durability to edges.
  • Willow Grade: 2 English Willow

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The TC1060 is a Grade 2 English Willow cricket bat that offers a classic full shape and a mid-profile style that portrays L edges and a solid spine to allow maximum sweetspot range. This bat wonderfully caters for all-round shot selection from working the ball with classic stroke play to big hitting opting to go over the top all while looking as classy as ever with the latest TC batting range