SG Sunny Tonny Icon Cricket Bat


  • Grade 2 English Willow
  • Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle.
  • Mid middle to a Mid/Low middle
  • The Profile is with a really long middle with the spine up into the handle and rounded off into the toe making for a very long sweet spot and consistantley thick edge from 3/4 up the bat right through to the toe which would give a powerfull profile to suit for both frontfoot drives and backfoot shots.
  • The edges you will get on these are around 36mm – 40mm with around about a 60mm+ spine.
  • Comes with little to no concaving for a massive full profile to make sure the strokes are backed with power and distance
  • Toe with Rounded Edges
  • Usually comes with around 5+ grains

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SG are one of the oldest cricket brands being established in 1931. So to say they know a thing or 2 about making cricket equipment would be an understatement. SG Bats are very consistent in their performance and pick usually supporting a lovley balanced pick up in full profiles.